Saturday, 13 March 2010

Off on one

"Woss 'e up ter nar ven?"

"'e's off on one abaht ve bloody Emirates Festerval of Licherachure."

"Licherachure? Why on urf would 'e wanna blog about licherachure?"

"Dunno. But 'e as. 'E's bangin' on abaht books and writin' orl week."

"Oh, what? I 'ates it when 'e does vat. Writing vis, editing vat on and on. Iss allus better when 'e's avin' a go at ve RTA or summit, innit?"

"Yeah. Less go'n read Life in Dubai. 'e wone be all bla bla bla about ve bloody licherarchure wossit."

Which is my way of telling you that readership of this blog, as predicted, plummeted like a plummeting thing in free-fall and in fact almost halved last week when I was blethering about writing all week. And I don't care. It's my blog and if I want to get over-excited about the Emirates Lit Fest I shall. So there.

The Social Media Public Session wasn't bad at all, really, and was quite fun for audience and speakers alike (unless everyone hated it but were being nice to me for some reason). We didn't really solve the ills of the world or define the future of publishing or anything, but we had a lot of laughs. It hasn't changed my mind about this one jot, though.


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh snap!!!
life in dubai is for da illicherarches!
you all dat and a bag of chips...

Seabee said...

Hey Anon@5.26, leave my blog out of this!

Alex, you raise an important point that a lot of people seem not to understand - content of a blog is entirely at the discretion of the blog owner. I've had to respond with that fact many times to comments left telling me what I should and shouldn't be saying. Maybe that in itself is a future blog posting...

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