Sunday, 23 May 2010

Geek Outbreak!

GeekFests - they're like buses: nothing happens for ages and then they all come together.

GeekFest Beirut takes place next Saturday the 29th May 2010 at the uber-funky Art Lounge in Beirut - with the  Maniachi in charge it's going to be a blast - and all the details are here on the justasfunkyasthevenue GeekFest Beirut website. You can also, of course, follow @GeekFestBeirut on Twitter (or just do a search for the #GeekFest hashtag).

ArtStuf in Beirut is going to include showcases displays and things from, Abir Ghattas, Moshumi Nandy, Elyse Tabet and Dreamchaser while TechnoCases come from GeekFest early adopter Nokia and

GeekFest Beirut's going to be televised thanks to Amer Tabsh from FTV Social, photographed by  Fady Nammour and live tweeted by LAU Social. Gotta say a thank you to for hosting the website!


On the very same night, over in Cairo's Zamalek, GeekFest Cairo 1.0 will be taking place! UNorganised by Mohammad Mansour (@TripleM) with a little help from GeekFest's designer-in-chief, Naeema Zarif (@Naeema), GeekFest Cairo will be taking place at El Sawy Culture Wheel thanks to the generous involvement and participation of Ziad W. Aly (@ZiadAly).

GeekTalks in Cairo will include:

Mohamad Mansour
Social Media for Social Change

Naeema Zarif
Creative Commons

Mohamed Gaber
Visual Political Aggregation: The modern Propaganda

Ziad Aly
Improvised Inspirational Speech

There's more planned as well. So now we've got GeekFest Dubai, Beirut, Amman and Cairo! Whoever thought that a cup of coffee with @saadia would lead to this?

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saed said...

Hi I am Saed From Syria,
few months ago I was working on an event for Syrian IT community, I already started with the government papers and and checking the suitable places and so on. but then I saw Geekfest and Know I wonder if it is possible to UnORGANIZE a GeekFest Damascus?
is there a link between geekfests (Beirut, Amman and Cairo)?
and Can I prepare the event I was working on as a geekfest?
hope you can help me with that


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