Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Xero Error

This is the trailer for Xero Error, a 7-minute GCI science fiction film that was made by a guy called Ashraf Ghori and a group of people that volunteered their time, expertise and talent to make the film a reality. As many are aware, Ashraf and a number of his team came to the last GeekFest Dubai and talked  about the experience of making the film and Ashraf's desire to take it 'to another level' and get some serious funding behind making a full length film around the concepts and characters he starts to explore in 'Levity'

This is the YouTube link. And this is the film's IMDB entry (up 922% in popularity this week!)

I am constantly stunned by how this film was made in Dubai - Xero Error features an amazing soundtrack, great voice talent and really, really good CGI graphics - as good as anything I've seen on screen.

They're taking it to Cannes this week, where it'll be entered for the Short Film Palme d'Or (Palme d'Or du court m├ętrage, actually, dahlings). The film festival starts Wednesday, volcano permitting.

It's great that a GCI movie was made in Dubai in the first place (in the year that gave us City of Life, a home-produced world-quality film made in, and about, the UAE). But wouldn't it be glorious if it took a Palme d'Or?


Keefieboy said...

I tried to watch the vid, but Telefonica is rationing bandwidth at the moment - I think I'm getting about 1 kbps. And you thought Itisalot were baaaaad.

Ahmed AL-Hassoni said...

Xero Error was really one Inspiration to the Young people who would love to do something in their own Local Film Industry.

Xero Error is one of the films that started the Film Industry in Dubai and I'm really Proud to have such motivated people in our Country!

Ashraf Ghori, Salute!

-Ahmed AL-Hassoni

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