Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Shiny

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(You might find it helps to read this first!)

"What's that on your shiny?"
"It's a flag. It's because the World Cup is on. I'm supporting my team."
"That's not allowed. Take it off."
"Why? It's my shiny. You sold it to me. You said I had to dare to dream, live to love, enjoy a new lifestyle of freedom and joy with my family. You said that I would build my dreams of the future in an iconic luxury community that redefined living."
"It's the rules."
"But it's mine! You said I was free to hold it. I'm a shiny owner, not just a borrower. I paid you good money to own a shiny!"
"They're not that expensive, you know."
"They're not now, but they were when I bought it. But bought it I did, outright and it's mine! I know my rights, I do!"
"Have you seen those Sharp Quattron ads on the TV? The really annoying ones with the smug looking guy from Star Trek?"
"Yeees. What's that got to do with me having rights?"
"Just imagine the way he says this: Well, actually, you don't. We can tell you what to do. What TV you watch, what colour you paint your shiny. Whether you put flags on it. Even what newspaper you can read, if the whim or fancy takes us. All sorts of stuff, in fact. That's the deal."
"The deal was freehold."
"The deal was shut up. You've got a shiny. Be happy. Now go away and blow a vuvuzela. But quietly. And not after 9pm."
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a-hem said...

I want to buy a house here just so I can call it "My Shiny." I suppose getting a cat named "Shiny" would be cheaper. And they're almost as disdainful of their owners as Emaar..

Hilarious post. Thank you for the laugh.

Luke said...

I can't believe that a security guard has the right to make you remove it but clarity would be nice. What happens if you say "no"?

Bushmechanic said...

Same mob told us that we can't put our rubbish bins in the rubbish bin alcove.

Same mob also dug up the lake that featured prominently during the original land sales and built more housing over most of it and left a remnant for a park. The show ponies that occupied the sales offices paddocks were also packed off somewhere. The remnant lake/park is still an undeveloped dust bowl due to the downturn. So whre did the additional revenue from the additional villas go?

But, crikey,

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