Wednesday, 22 September 2010


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Anyone with a blog will tell you that the most annoying thing (apart from snarky anonymice) about the whole thing is comment spam. There's a special place in hell for comment spammers that involves extra unpleasantness and daily algebra lessons. They leave inane generic little comments, "I really enjoyed your post, keep up the good work, this is a very good blog I think" and links to their websites.

In one wonderful instance, a comment spammer was actually daft enough to leave his contact details on his WHOIS entry, with the consequences I delightedly reported in this here post. Revenge is indeed sweet.

I've been comment spammed a lot today by an Indian UPVC pipe making company. Grinding my teeth, I arrived at the blog with some scrubbies and a bottle of spam cleaner when I noticed that although I'd been getting the emails (I get a mail every time one of you peeps slips in a sneaky comment), I didn't actually have the spam in the comments. This was wonderful stuff - Google has actually implemented a spam filter and it has snapped up all that spam in a jiffy. It also sucked down Rootless' response to me on the high fructose corn syrup post, which I have now put back in its proper place.

Thank you Google. Now could you please work on finding a way to stop me getting everything (blogs, Google Maps etc) in Arabic by default? Although I respect Arabic, I don't read it - and assuming I do is just a bit dumb for a company as seriously clever as you are.
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Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

And this article has apparently been re-tweeted 154 times, so have the spam-bots got to you, or your RT button incorrectly configured? ;-)

alexander... said...

There are 153 people who always retweet everything I write.

alexander... said...


i*maginate said...

Love your posts, Alexander. You have a wonderful way with words. Now write that book and update us!

Yes, agree that spammers comments don't really make a point - why spam? That is the question.

Mita said...

Remind me never to get on your wrong side LOL

nzm said...

If you bookmark this link in your browser, to click when you want Google, it will open to English:

Also, start Google Maps off at the UK site:

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