Tuesday, 1 March 2011

GeekFest Abu Dhabi

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally got us a GeekFest Abu Dhabi! UNorganised by Yasmin, Abbas, Hitesh and the chaps at tbreak.com, the technology, gaming and movies website, GeekFest Abu Dhabi takes place at media and creative zone TwoFour54 this Thursday, the 3rd March. Here's a link to the GeekFest Abu Dhabi website and another to the Facebook page. You can also follow @abudhabigeek on Twitter.

GeekTalks include Ali Al Saloum, the man behind askali.com, the website that aims to break down misunderstanding and cultural barriers as well as provide general information regarding the UAE for the curious. Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja is also speaking, focusing on guerilla filmmaking and how to circumvent the censor. Mark Makhoul from Kuwaiti blog 2:48AM, famously sued by Benihana Kuwait for posting his opinion regarding their restaurant, is also speaking (via Skype) on the evening. I'm supposed to be speaking as well, likely some shambling peroration on the future of publishing or the like.

There's food and drink and, if last GeekFest Dubai's Kinectathon is anything to go by, the tbreak team will be staging the Mother Of All GameFests.

Here's the Google map to TwoFour54 - GeekFest takes place at The Auditorium, Mezzanine Floor, Lime Green Building, twofour54.

We're putting on a bus to GeekFest AbuDhabi following popular demand from people at GeekFest Dubai expressed when we announced the event. If you'd like a ride to the event, it'll depart from The Shelter at around 4.30pm on Thursday and will come back when everyone wants. If you could register for the bus here, just so we have the right sized bus on hand, that'd be lovely.

The lovely peeps at the Park Rotana are offering a Dhs499 per room deal for bed and breakfast (plus taxes, note), so if you fancy sharing a lift down and a twin with a pal things get pretty affordable - details linked here.

There's also a GeekFest Abu Dhabi after-party! For those so inclined, the Park Rotana Peeps are tossing in a first drink free for Geeks turning up after GeekFest at their Coopers outlet. How can we say no?

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Sarah Walton said...

one of these days I'll actually be able to attend one of these - holding my breath for the Dubai one, so don't take too long!

PS great poster.

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