Monday, 21 March 2011

Twestival Dubai 2011

Twestival Dubai is taking place once again and, once again, I'm going to be in Beirut and miss it!

It's all happening at the Leisure Deck of the InterContinental Hotel, Dubai this Thursday, the 24th March at 7PM. Once again, telco Du is sponsoring the event and will doubtless have something up their sleeve corporate to top last year's flogo flying, beanbag chilling experience. It's all part of the global network of Twestivals all taking place on the same day - something like 150 cities around the world are participating.

Twestival is an unusually social event where people who talk pretty much every day online get the chance to meet, greet and generally Tweet together in analogue. It's all aimed at raising money for a charitable cause, in this case the Dubai Autism Centre. You can only love the whole scheme and, if you're not off to Beirut, turn up and have an evening of joy. If the people turning up reflect Dubai's Tweep demographic, there'll be a lot of smart people, quite a few funny people, some opinionated and angry people and one or two complete nutters. Everything you need for the ideal party, in short! :)

You can register for the event at this here link here.


Anonymous said...

you can still attend the one in Beirut :) And check the Dubai vie live stream :) WohA!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to attend, but I don't use Twitter.

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