Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wittering About Twitter

Sketch for Twitter. See also the author's desc...Image via WikipediaTwitter remains a very powerful communication tool indeed - in fact, I'd say it's getting more powerful by the day. One thing I had noticed recently is that this blog is getting more traffic referred from Twitter or Twitter clients than it gets from Google Search, which is something of an inflection point, I think.

Now I'm hardly about to make claims about Twitter being bigger than Google based on the trickling traffic to a marginal little blog in the middle of nowhere. But I did think the event worth noting.

Twitter is a great medium for pimping content - whether you're pushing your blog, your ebook or the article you just posted for a newspaper, it lets people share the links and, where the link is interesting, the power of the retweet will ensure hundreds, then thousands of people will see it within seconds flat. I've made the point before, specifically over here at the Spot On blog, that retweets mean exponential growth in the number of eyeballs exposed to a message. Because of the nature of Twitter in the Middle East, still at an early adopter stage, that audience tends to be strong on communicators, media people and journalists.

I don't always remember to tweet links to posts but there are a couple of aggregators that do, so there's usually a link or two to the blog floating around on Twitter somewhere. One result of this Twitter traffic has been the fact that people frequently comment about blog posts on Twitter. Which I find slightly odd, I have to say...
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Mich said...

Very true! I get most of the traffic from Twitter, and then Facebook. And I never forget to Tweet your posts!!! :-)

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