Monday, 11 April 2011

Kindles - The Luddite View

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...Cover via AmazonI have been arguing at some length with young friend Eilidh about the merits of Kindles. As many will know, I am something of a Kindle fanboy, but Eilidh (the older sister of godson 'The Jack') has been holding out in favour of the smell of an honest book.  Eilidh and The Jack have been down in London staying with us over a weekend of blue skies and visits to steam railways and aerodromes and the argument has been raging throughout the idyll.

Eilidh's Parthian shot was delivered after her departure for the train taking her back to Scotland - a fleeting knock on the door and delivery through the post box ensured I had no chance to refute her outrageous claims this time around.

So as she has gone to such lengths to have the last word, I shall present her argument here for perusal  by the intellectual elite that occasionally sees fit to ramble past these parts.

Eilidh's Ten Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Kindles

1. You can't get a signed copy of a Kindle book.

2. You can't get picture books on a Kindle.

3. You can't get First Editions.

4. You can't read in the bath or the poolside in case it gets wet.

5. You can't break the spine.

6. You can't make paper aeroplanes with a Kindle when you're bored.

7. You can't light a fire with a Kindle in an emergency.

8. You can't give all your old Kindle books to the charity shop.

9. I can't get Kindle books from the Alloa library.

10. Books smell good, Alex, face it! :P

She is, of course, quite wrong...

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Abbas said...

I don't know at what point you or Elidih stopped being serious (if at all) but seem odd, such as the spine-breaking thing.

I'm currently in the process of buying a kindle but I'll admit I was turned over from "true book follower" quit difficultly. I'll miss the smell of real books (especially old ones) and maybe reading in the bath.

Also, books look way prettier on the shelf.

unJane said...

I'm not a big fan of baths as I prefer showers but on occasion as aching muscles dictate, I will soak in a hot tub of water while I enjoy a glass of wine and a happy read on my Kindle. 'Turning the page' on a Kindle can't be beat. And just because you own a Kindle doesn't mean you can never buy a book again.

David said...

Great to see Alloa Library getting a mention at last.

David said...
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Kenna said...

I used to hate the idea of e-books, though I have tons of e-books stored in my laptop I can't/don't enjoy reading them. And when the 3rd gen Kindle came out 1) it was cheap 2) I move to Dubai and for the first 2 mos I acquired more than 6 books already, which will be a problem if I suddenly have to pack my bags and go home forever, and glad I did. Now whenever I read paperbacks, I sulk and get really frustrated when I need to highlight something or search a word in the dictionary. Or search a particular part of the book. I bring my Kindle in the bath all the time, I don't need to worry about getting the pages wet when turning. And the battery life is awesome.

Madame Cholet said...

I was someone who loved the smell/look/feel of books but I love my Kindle more.

It's increased my reading as it's so easy to take with me and knowing I've got different books for different levels of concentration available is just fab.

When in London recently, I was in the Apple store where they very kindly let me charge my iPhone for free. As I stood and waited I read my Kindle and I'd get asked by various staff members my opinion of the Kindle so there I was 'selling' it to them which made me snigger.

Agree about the battery life, it's amazing.

Jack said...

kindles are called kindles but you can't light fires with them!

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