Saturday, 21 May 2011

Big Bang (Blowing up Paradise)

As if you needed any, above is incontrovertible proof of my long-held assertion that Modhesh is evil.

Yesterday, largely unheralded, was the 55th anniversary of the first airborne hydrogen bomb tests on the Pacific island of Bikini atoll. Life magazine, in commemoration, has released a remarkable 35-slide set of images from the bomb tests of the cold war, including one that scared me more than even the awful plume over Muraroa atoll - an image of a group of sublimely insouciant nut-heads cutting into a mushroom-cloud shaped cake. What tremendous idiocy it must have taken to celebrate this dubious 'achievement' in this way.

Take a look at the picture set, linked here,do - it's really quite stunning.

Of course, the 36th picture never made it to Life's pages. It's the one above, exclusive to Fake Plastic Souks, that proves what we've always known about the little critter...

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