Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hot Buns

I know, I have the sense of humour of a particularly puerile eight year old,  but this one did tickle me. We checked out the staff, but sadly the place doesn't do what it says on the box.

This was a slightly nervy snap as the shop is just on the edge of what is now the second security check point on the road from Dubai to Hatta - the road has always passed through the little Omani enclave of Wilayat Madha but now the rabbit-proof fence has been expanded to full covered road blocks either side of the enclave staffed by UAE military who check IDs as you pass through - so do have your passport or National ID ready. Yes, they do accept the National ID and yes, it is a use for that otherwise untroubled piece of plastic.

The UAE soldiers were generally a cheery bunch as I have invariably found them to be and readily shared a laugh over the new arrangements. But soldiers and cameras (let alone mobile cameras) never make easy bedfellows.

We had a glorious 'it's tough in the Gulf' stay at the Hatta Fort Hotel, as always. The Ramoul Bar, a brown velour and walnut museum piece from the '70s, remains one of my favourite places in the Middle East. If you're going to do a cocktail bar, do it right I always say...

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Christopher Saul said...

We drove past here yesterday too, on the way back from a quick trip to Hatta Pools. I didn't dare get the camera out - we also had a joke with the soldiers. When the sergeant saw Mrs Saul's camera on the back seat he told us that 'camera is too much broblem from army man!'.

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