Thursday, 16 June 2011

Gamers Take Over GeekFest Beirut

This edition of GeekFest Beirut is being put together by Lebanese technology, gadget and gamer website GIGAlb. There have been rumours that the site, perhaps rather in the way 4Chan is home to Anonymous, is associated with shadowy and feared online humour activists the Maniachis,  but nobody was available for comment at the time of posting.

The result is that GeekFest Beirut is gametabulous - tomorrow, the 17th June, Beirut Art Center will be transformed into a huge online gaming platform, including avant premier access to newly released games by Sony & Nintendo, a Mobile Gaming platform sponsored by NOKIA and a small pavilion of vintage games for hardcore geeks sponsored by Multimedia Megastore (M2).

You can register to play games at this here link here.

The vintage games pavillion is where you'll find me, drooling geriatrically and playing Galaxians, Asteroids and any other old skool stuff that's flying around.

This will be the largest GameFest in GeekFest history, with geeks and gamers competing to win prizes from Nokia, Crepaway and GoNabit!

GeekFest Beirut will be catered by Crepaway and 961 Beer and runs from 7.30pm 'till late. There's a map to it here if you're unsure where you're going and, of course, you can follow @GeekFestBeirut on Twitter or find it on Facebook!

As always, the stunning iconography for GeekFest Beirut is the doing of the uber-talented Naeema Zarif.

Who could want for more?


alexander... said...

You might have noticed words like 'sponsored' and 'register' in this post. These words are not allowed at GeekFest Dubai.

However, each GeekFest is different and makes up their own rules, or lack of them, as they see fit to suit their country/environment.

Mich said...

Yeyyyy... And I'll be there too!!! :-)

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