Friday, 24 June 2011

Is Silence Golden?

sharjahImage via WikipediaGulf News confirms what my eyes can see - EPPCO and ENOC stations in Sharjah have been sealed off today, shut down by the Sharjah government because the company failed to respond to the Sharjah Executive Council's (quite proper) concerns that a major supplier of petrol and diesel to people living here has simply failed to pump any of the stuff for something like a month now.

Worse, the company chose (as I have pointed out many times, with apologies for the repetition) to maintain a policy of stoicism - silence in response to the media and silence in response to the Sharjah government. The end result? They've been shut down and their brand is in tatters, reduced to a laughing stock.

The petrol company in a leading oil producing nation that couldn't actually supply petrol. That's pretty special, no?

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Peter Brameld said...

They must me run by the same lot we have running the UK

Anonymous said...

If they were loosing money everytime someone was pumping gas this will actually better their balance sheet. And them being a Dubai Company they probably got the orders from high up, to save money.

They sure need to.

As for Sharjah and the other "poor" emirates; let Abu Dhabi bail them out, they have the money. Dubai has not.

I just feel sorry for all the expat workers at the gas stations losing their jobs.

samuraisam said...

I drove back from RAK today and one of the ENOC stations on the highway was rationing petrol (50 AED max per customer)

I have to say I'm not surprised that this happened; as far as I've heard Dubai was footing the bill for quite a few Emirates (although you never know how true that is)

And it doesn't really matter what we think about brands when it comes to petrol unfortunately, because there's nowhere else to buy it and people will flood any available petrol station they can.

IMHO it's not too surprising that they can't supply petrol because they have to buy petrol from foreign countries (it boggles the mind why Abu Dhabi doesn't supply it, even if it is slightly more expensive than 1.72/liter)

Honestly, the price of fuel needs to increase to something like 2.50 per liter to reduce the sheer amount of traffic in this country.

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