Friday, 27 January 2012

Olives - The Blog

The inevitability of it all! A blog of the book, a place for looking at some of the characters, locations and issues contained in that little 262 page slice of word-arrangement that is Olives - A Violent Romance.

It's linked here for your clicking pleasure.


Susan Kaiser said...

I happened across your blog a while back, which led me to buy your book (thanks for making it available on kindle!). Thoroughly enjoyed it; it was somehow evocative of a John La Carre novel I read over 25 years ago called The Liitle Drummer Girl. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Alexander McNabb said...

Thank you, Susan! And high praise indeed!

I've just re-read The Little Drummer Girl myself, funnily enough (Kindles are GREAT for immediately satisfying that kind of capricious book choice) - a brilliant book, although I do wonder if Le Carre would still take such a strong angle based on the whole 'purity of arms' idea that suffuses the book.

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