Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Shipping News

Last year, you may recall two ships landed on the beach outside our front door after their crews had lost control in bad weather. The two grounded around a week apart and became something of a tourist attraction.

A couple of recent spats of windy weather has once again wreaked havoc in shipping circles, with not two but three ships falling foul of the inclement conditions. An Iranian tug has landed on Ajman beach, while the 'Lady Moon', a small tanker, sank just off the breakwater at Sharjah's Hamriyah port last week. Now Hamriyah has a second sinking, the supply vessel Hatem II, according to Gulf News.today.

The Lady Moon was lucky - the 30-metre ship had offloaded its cargo of diesel, which could have resulted in a nasty little spill. Its crew were taken into custody, while the captain of the Hatem II has apparently hightailed it and is nowhere to be found. Presumably he tripped and fell into a lifeboat.

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Macthomson said...

Ouch! Falling into a lifeboat can have consequences.

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