Sunday, 15 April 2012


United Kingdom
United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)
Sorry, I've been gone a while...

That must be the longest 'no blogging' break I've ever had, a combination of a very busy ArabNet (another brilliant event, hats off to Monsignor Christidis and team) and two weeks being pretty much offline in the UK. I also forgot my mobile for the UK trip, which turned out to be a remarkably enlivening event. The only thing I missed was not being able to mess about on Twitter when clothes shopping with Sarah, which would have been in any case rendered inadvisable thanks to Etisalat's ridiculous data roaming charges. I commend two weeks without a mobile to any who care to try it.

For what it's worth, I can report that the UK is already going jubilee/Olympics mad. If you're planning to be in London this summer, don't bother - the cost of an EK cattle class ticket has already gone up by over Dhs 1,000 and car hire is prohibitively expensive compared to other European capitals. God alone knows what the hotels are going to be getting up to.

We flew back on one of Emirates' A380s. I do believe if you're going to fly on Friday 13th you should pick a plane that has cracks in its wings. The experience is undoubtedly superior, the most striking thing of all being how quiet the plane is. A bonus was, as you will be able to guess from the fact you are reading this, the wings stayed in their proper place.

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Grumpy Goat said...
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Grumpy Goat said...

Looks like a summer trip to UK but avoiding the Olympics is now off the Goat's agenda.

Incidentally did you note that the Union Flag is upside down? It's flown as if signalling distress.

Mich said...

You were missed :-))

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