Monday, 4 June 2012

Free Olives

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I've stuck pretty well to keeping the Fake blog free of Olives posts (or 'spam' as some might term it), using The Olives Blog instead as a promotional platform/repository of reader/book club notes. But here's a wee book update post.

I've been working on securing reviews of Olives - A Violent Romance, mainly from US based book bloggers. As a result of that activity, I've created a 'coupon' on Smashwords that lets reviewers download copies of the book for review. If you've got a blog (it doesn't have to be a book blog) and would be willing to review Olives, then pop over here for details and a link to the free book - it's available on Kindle, Nook, Sony, iBooks and any other major e-book platform, including PDF. The coupon's only valid for a few more days, so I'd get nippy about it.

Most book bloggers also post reviews to GoodReads and, where I am delighted to report Olives is currently scoring just north of four stars out of five. That's pretty good going and I'll be interested to see if it keeps up.

In the meantime, my next book, Beirut, is out being read by a number of 'beta readers' and then it goes off for editing. I've been through considerable authorial angst over the title as it's as stupid as Olives is from an SEO standpoint. As well as being the name of a relatively famous city and the title of an excellent history of that city by Samir Kassir, it's also the name of a pop band. Coming from a man who tells his clients with considerable rigour that discoverability is everything, that's pretty rich but I can't help it - the books have always been called that and, despite having recruited friends to try and find an alternative title, Beirut is the one that's stuck.


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