Friday, 11 January 2013

Stormy Seas In Sharjah

Overcast, grey skies and a huge swell coming up on the beach down the road flooding the beach - invariably resulting in crowds of people wandering around, photographing each other and generally enjoying the sight of the waves crashing into the shore. No picnics today as you can see, but toddlers in bobble hats splishing around in the big puddles and general pandemonium on the corniche road as everyone slows down to have a peer at the rolling white-caps, their rising faces mottled with the brown sand they're pulling up. There are cars everywhere, slowing, stopping, parking and pulling out. It's only going to be a matter of time before there's an occlusion of some sort and then the police'll be out, blocking the u-turns and trying to stem the tide of curious humanity hankering back to the sea geneticists tell us we all came from...

I do wonder if the usual ship will run aground, which would rather complete the scene.

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Songwriter F Space said...

It's been an overcast day here in Abu Dhabi, with sand dancing across the freeway in a rather seductive way. Just a couple of months of pleasant weather to go and then it is back to the open arms of central air conditioning! :)

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