Monday, 4 February 2013

You Got Mail

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One way and another, I do quite a bit of talking and presenting about writing, as well as book club meetings and other stuff like giveaways all in the name of promoting things literate in general and my books in specific.

So it seemed sensible to start a mailing list to let anyone who might be interested in such things stay in touch with the occasional update (We're not talking daily or anything as hectic as that, believe me!), as well as give me an easy way to share files, presentations and other stuff about writing, reading and books.

For instance, there's an upcoming 48 hours of FREE Space on Kindle. I mean, would you want to miss that?

You can signup on the right here. I'll even throw in a 50% off the ebook of Olives - A Violent Romance to give you an unmissable incentive to give me your soul.

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