Tuesday, 26 March 2013

GeekFest Dubai Cometh

It's just around the corner! This Thursday, even!

As I have before mentioned, the reins of GeekFest Dubai have been formally handed over (in a properly constituted Rein Handing Ceremony) to the team of fine chaps at online gamer/geek magazine t-break. It is they, not I, wot is now irresponsible for putting together GeekFest Dubai, inasmuch as a GeekFest is put together.

Just in case you haven't encountered a GeekFest before, this is the GeekiFesto, the loosely arranged set of guidelines that defines, as much as anything defines, what a GeekFest is. Most people who have UNorganised a GeekFest have gone on to happily ignore this in part or whole and it has not had the slightest negative impact whatsoever.

This does rather run in line with one's views, expressed yesterday, on conformity!

The t-break chaps have already brought a quantum leap forward in event quality and cohesiveness by putting together a microsite thingy for it. It's linked here for your viewing pleasure. The line-up of talent giving GeekTalks and displaying their digital art looks pretty stupendous - and there are even retro games for old fogeys like me as part of GameFest.

I'm only sad that old pal and co-UNfounder Saadia Zahid can't be there to see our strange and random baby grow up and leave home.

I'll see you there!

No I won't. We're off to the UK early tomorrow and we're in such bad shape I can't even begin to contemplate taking the evening out. With huge regrets, I find I can't actually make it at all and feel terribly guilty, although I'm sure the t-break team will appreciate not having me there going 'Oh no, you don't wanna do it like thaaaat.'

PS - I don't know if you'd noticed, and this is going to be by no means the last time I mention it - you can trust me on that - but there's now a really cool button down below (thanks, Derrick Pereira!) that will allow you to send any post you like from this blog direct to your Kindle or to any Kindle app on other tablets/machines. So you can treasure it, take it to bed and cuddle it and other stuff...

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