Wednesday, 3 April 2013

More Talks? Yes! More Talks!

Did you ever hear of a boy doing more talking? Dubai's favourite purple café thingy has started a series of talks by talkers which is has named, with remarkable prescience, More Talks. On the 17th April at More DIFC, starting from about 6.30pm I will be gibbering in tongues, foretelling the end of the world and otherwise acting in a publicly disgraceful and disreputable manner as befits this age when men walk backwards and cats bark like dogs.

I'll likely be talking about writing books, the impact of self publishing on the global publishing industry and our  own reading habits - as well as perhaps looking at how social media communications is changing the consumer, the reader and the whole business of marketing publications.

But then again, I'll be guided by the audience - if they'd rather talk about why PR is doomed unless it goes digital, the moral challenges of the Internet age, why the Arab World has a fraught relationship with fiction or perhaps even what my new book's about, I'll be only delighted to do that.

Anyway, you have to RSVP to come, so here's the link for you to do just that.

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