Thursday, 26 April 2007

Solvent Abuse and Lewd Pictures

Highly amused to see a piece on censorship in today's Xpress, the weekly tabloid newspaper from Gulf News' publisher Al Nisr, which quotes a Mr. Vijayan Menon. Vijayan is part of the four-man team that black-marks publications for magazine distributor Jashanmal and takes out the naughty bits. "I really have to watch out for the British tabloids," Menon tells Xpress reporter Mohammed Khan. "Publications like the Observer, the Independent and the Sun commonly display lewd pictures."

I'm not sure if it's the mention of the three in one breath or the idea of that famously saucy page 3 of the Independent which made me giggle into my coffee.

Perhaps they all become one tabloid blur of dancing nipples and grey print after a couple of hours' sniffing Magic Marker...

Am I allowed to say nipples?

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