Monday, 25 June 2007

Death to Modhesh: Facebook Catches up With Our Little Yellow Fiend (Sorry, I meant Friend)

Yes, that most pernicious of social networks has kicked into action and there's now a Facebook Group 'Death to Modhesh'.

Oh dear, oh dear. What is it that these naughty people can't take about our cheerful little fiend?

Well, in the Group's own words:

I've decided to create a group that finally says what all the normal sane people (yes, all 5 of them) living in Dubai have repeatedly said: Modhesh is EVIL and should be abolished.

The yellow abomination is haunting me. I've never been in such constant close contact with a yellow Jack-in-the-box.

It's the result of a Banana and a Slinky having an affair. It also gives a whole new meaning to 'Bad Hair Day'

This of course not to mention the Nasal voice and annoying grin.

All In All...I raise my voice saying 'DEATH TO MODHESH'

Well, well, well. Some people have NO SENSE OF FUN AT ALL. Really.


Rodrigo said...

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Spot Off PR said...

Come on Alex: admit it - you're the man behind it aren't you...?

sabaza said...

52 members in 1 day! People must really despise the yellow bugger

Celebrate_Modhesh said...

Modesh is symbolic of the unity, hope and togetherness promoted by Dubai. If more people were as optimistic and hopeful as Modesh, Dubai - and the world - would be a better place.
The Simpsons, characteristic of all that is wrong with the West, are yellow after all so it must be deep rooted ignorance rather than racism at play here.
Shame on all of you who have endorsed and promoted this evil facebook page.
For your sins you will be punished in this life or the next.

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