Monday, 26 January 2009

Blog Crazy

I'm going blogpost bonkers today, aren't I?

I just had to share this news. I posted about football coach David Nicholson back when they had the fun run at Safa Park to raise funds for him. Today's Gulf News (800g) carries the very welcome news that David's been able to return to the UK for treatment following the fundraising efforts that raised over Dhs200,000 to enable him to be treated. Thanks to a team of close friends, led tirelessly by Susie Kermanschahchi, he'll now get the best treatment without everyone having to worry about who's going to pay the bill.

David is in a coma and has been since he suffered a heart attack last November. He couldn't afford health insurance because of his ongoing medical condition: he had bad arthritis. All the very best to him for a recovery now he's back home.


the real nick said...

return to the UK


he'll now get the best treatment

This is either an oxymoron, or unlikely, Alex.

alexander... said...

Well, at least they won't switch off the machines or refuse to have him moved 'cos he hasn't paid his bill, which was a fear his friends had here.

Whether that would ever really have become a reality, I don't know...

rosh said...

This is good news. Susie worked tirelessly. Prayers & thoughts with David. Thank you, for the posts Alex.

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