Saturday, 7 February 2009


For those of you unlucky enough not to be on the mailing list, the 2008 Darwin Awards are now out. I shall treat you to one of the runners up before letting you follow the link to the winner.

The Darwin Awards are given annually to someone whose death was so utterly pointless that it considered thoughtful of them to have removed themselves from the human gene pool. Sure, it's cruel humour. But then we kill animals for sport, don't we?

2008 Darwin Award Runner Up: A ONE TRACK MIND Confirmed.

July 2008, Italy | Gerhard, 68, was queued at a traffic light in his Porsche Cayenne sportscar. Before one reaches the light, there is a railroad crossing, and Gerhard had not let the queue progress forward far enough before he drove onto the tracks. As you might imagine, given Murphy's Law, a train was coming.

The safety bars came down, leaving the Porsche trapped on the rails. According to witnesses, it took the driver awhile to realize he was stuck. Finally he jumped from the car and started to run--straight toward the oncoming train, waving his arms in an attempt to save his sportscar!

The attempt was partly successful. The car received less damage than its owner, who landed 30 meters away. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

The moral of the story? Momentum always wins.

The Darwin Awards website is here while this year's award winner is here.


KJ said...


D said...

Ah I love reading the Darwin Awards. Yeah it's cruel but I can't stop myself from laughing at the ingenious ways in which these hapless people went to their end...
Didn't know there was a mailing list! Will sign meself up asap!

rosh said...

The Porsche perhaps wasn't too damaged. I hope he knows that. I hope he can rest in peace now.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

no shamil insurance?

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