Sunday, 8 February 2009

The End is Nigh


It is with a sad heart that I address you tonight. As you well know, a small band of valiant warriors has fought an implacable enemy for many months now, an enemy with resources and power beyond our wildest dreams; resources that it is willing to throw against us in an effort to crush us out of existence. If they succeed, they will deny us the very liberty of the sands that has so long been ours to enjoy.

This unjust war has been fought with honour by our people. It is not a war we asked for, but it is a war we prosecuted with dignity and valour.

The media has studiously ignored our plight. Not one pen has been lifted in our defence or to question the motives of this enemy, invisible for so many months but now clear for all to see. They have been allowed to continue in their course, to extinguish our hopes and dreams, while the world's press stand by and shamefully pretend that nothing is happening.

They brought earth movers to shake our resolve, but we were faster, more nimble and smarter than they. They built walls to bar us from the land, tore a slash of concrete barrier across this desert country so that it was divided by an impenetrable, dark, grey wall.

But we crossed their lines time and time again, confounding their nameless purpose. We carried the torch of freedom and liberty and we prevailed.

Friends, we prevail no more. Tonight only one crossing was left open and only a pitiful handful of defenders remained. Lorries dropped lines of concrete blocks, earth movers have been toiling since the early morning to push high piles of sand against those blocks and to carve new, impassable barriers out of the very land. The very weight of the resources our enemy is prepared to expend against us bears us down so that the burden is one we can barely carry.

I fear it is nearly over. I fear I have to tell you that hope almost escapes us entirely.

But we shall fight, my fellow countrymen. We shall fight. To the absolute end, to the finish. To the last man and the last four wheel drive, we shall fight the brutal invaders of our happy shortcut.

The war of the snicket is not, will not, be over.

We shall fight to the bitter end.


the real nick said...

Fight them on the beaches, or sand dunes!
And if it comes ot the worst, rents in Duabi are a lot cheaper these days...

alexander... said...

Seriously, people, the resources these fools are prepared to allocate to this are unbelievable! Teams of men, JCBs, lorries unloading concrete block! They've been working ALL DAY today, until 6pm when I passed through and took the top two photos.

Why is the RTA even doing this? What are they going to gain by stopping a few hundred cars?

And where ARE the damn press?

samuraisam said...

It's sand isn't it? Between two roads? And people are using it as a shortcut?

i.e. THEY SHOULD BUILD A FSKING ROAD THERE if there is obviously going to be use of it.

Mars said...

what a waste of resources. either build the damn road or focus their energies in finishing all those half-done projects scattered throughout dubai.

The Wizard of D said...

What a waste of resources????? Are we missing the root cause here? Why not simply improve the traffic conditions?

Jayne said...

They've obviously been reading your blog Alex - you've unwittingly given them all the pointers for the 'escape' routes. 'Tis a sad day for you no doubt. :-(

Seabee said...

Why is the RTA even doing this?

Alex, their publicly declared aim is to stop us using our cars. This is presumably part of that objective.

rosh said...

Hear your sorrow and feel your bravery fellow Sharjawis. Darn the RTA! Wish I could do something.

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