Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snicket Watch 2

OK, it's a bad photo. But then my damn Nokia N73 has slowed to an unusable crawl when you try and do anything with the thing. It's EOL and going soon, BTW.

If you click on the image, you can just see the logo on the car. Yup, an RTA type trying to get through the snicket. I'm delighted to tell you that he failed - he drove past the spot to the left of the concrete barriers that was tonight's 'through' after another round of blocking today.

We're still beating 'em - UAE nationals, Brits, Indians, the lot of us. One tribe united against the unseen prats who are inefectually dumping massive piles of concrete and building up barriers across the sandy shortcuts.

A message. Lads, you can't block a desert.

We're still getting through! Yahoo!

(PS: If you're interested in the history of the snicket, just use the search bar on the blog header to look up 'snicket' - we've been winning The Battle of the Snicket for months now!)


rosh said...

Mabrooks to you guys!! Am so very happy to read the battle is being won, day by day and with unity! :)

I wish the RTA dude/dudette would go into his/her boss' office and help plan a brand new perfect highway. That'd be an honest day's work eh?

The Spear said...


I really enjoy reading about this. It's nice to stick to the man. :)

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