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GeekFest TechnoCases

A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II camera with a...Image via WikipediaSorry about all the GeekFest stuff this week, but it's a really packed event and stuff keeps happening. Normal service will be resumed next week, promise.

We’re joined at GeekFest this week by two TechnoCases, Pickapic and Jacky’s Electronics.

Pickapic is a Dubai-based startup with a smart service that lets you download their software and use it to create an album of your photography and then print it as a one-off, printing press quality, hardback book. You can take a look at their website linked here if you can’t wait for Thursday!

Jacky’s is using the opportunity to introduce people to its EcoExchange initiative. EcoExchange is a program that lets you take your old GeekJunk to Jacky’s, where they’ll offer you a price for it (where it’s worth anything!) and then either sell it on or dispose of it to ISO standards. There’s a good post on the program here on the Jacky’s Electronics blog. So you can bring any of your old gadgets (details of what they'll accept below) along to GeekFest at the New Shelter this Thursday and trade it in for Jacky's vouchers!

I must say, the whole scheme looks excellent and rather piqued my interest, so I thought I’d throw a few questions about EcoExchange at Jacky’s head of retail marketing, Manish Arora.

So will my old phone be worth more with the box, manual, CD and charger?
The products are usually recycled or re-furbished if in a usable condition. the box, manual, CD and charger therefore doesn’t fetch direct value. However, during the evaluation if the Battery, battery back cover and antenna (if applicable) are available then this results in better value

What sort of products can you recycle? Old PCs? Games consoles? Headphones? Printers?
Currently Laptops, tablets, mobiles, cameras, Mp3 players and gaming consoles are accepted for recycling under the program.

What wouldn’t you take to recycle?
TVs, Appliances and accessories.

What sort of price could I get for, say, an old iPhone 3G? Or a Nokia N86 in good nick? 
This would depend on physical evaluation, working condition and age of the product.

Can you recycle stuff like cable? Old PCBs?
Currently we accept only the above stated items.

What price would you give me for a used IBM 3090 600E?*
This would depend on physical evaluation, working condition and age of the product.  

Where do you do your recycling? 
Jacky’s has partnered with Technocare, a company offering RMA programs to end of life product recovery and recycling solutions.  Technocare is an award winning ISO 9000/14000 certified company backed by professionals with more than 15 years industry experience.

Am I right in thinking you’re unique in doing this in the UAE?
We were the first one to start the program, it has been followed by some of the other retailers.

Why did you start this initiative? 
Owing to the responsibility that lies with us as a Retailer, in not only providing best in the class of products and services but also to provide appropriate end of life solutions for the products we sell.

GeekaFest - One for the Girls takes place Thursday, the 22nd September, from around 7.30pm onwards. You can get more information on Facebook (linked here) or Twitter (@GeekFestDubai). There's a Facebook event page, too, linked here.

(* I confess, the IBM 3090 600E question was me being a smartypants meanie - it's a bloody big old mainframe)
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