Tuesday, 20 September 2011

GeekFest Workshops - GeekShops!

So you want to start your own business?
New to GeekFest and made possible by Shelter's funky new layout, which includes a closed off meeting room upstairs, we're hosting a series of three workshops for the more serious minded geek - this time around, they're focused around starting up your own business - you can get inspiration from the women who make up the Geeka Showcase (see yesteday's post) and then join in one of the three workshop events taking place upstairs from 8pm onwards. If you want to guarantee a seat at these (space is limited to an estimated 10-12 people), you should probably get in touch with one of the workshop leaders fast - their contacts are below!

Public Relations for startups 
Mita Ray (Market Buzz Public Relations - @mita56)
Building public relations and communications into your startup plan is essential, but few startups feel they can afford professional communications. Mita has some solutions...

Human Resources - making those first hires

Ash Athawale (Senior Executive Consultant for IT, Reed Global)
From your first hire to world domination seems a long way, but how do you manage those first appointments and grow your team? Our team of HR specialists have some crucial answers to help you make probably some of the most crucial hiring decisions you'll ever face...
(Ash will be joined by Carolyn Bartz, Executive Consultant for HR at Reed Global. You can email Victoria.Wilcox(at)reedglobal (dot)com to ensure your name's on the door!)

So you think you want to start a company?
PK Gulati (Angel investor - @pkgulati)
Among other things the man behind The Indus Entrepeneurs in the UAE, angel investor and serial start-up fosterer PK Gulati looks at what you really, really need to know to make the decision to create a startup and then how to make it work. If think you've got an entrepeneurial bone in your body and want to do something about it, you'll need to be at this workshop.

Volunteers to run future GeekShops on topics close to your hearts are more than welcome to get in touch! Hit me up at @alexandermcnabb.

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