Friday, 13 July 2007

The Beckhams Move Out

Who on earth cares about that silly woman and her obvious publicity stunts? Is anyone in the world falling for it outside the ever-hungry British red tops and Sky (thank God we've found another filler to keep that 24 hour feed moving) TV?

I wonder what it costs to have 100+ shills turn up at LAX and behave like real paps?

If your husband was minted, and about to turn in $120 million for the coming five years' work, would you use your kids as a publicity prop, or bother tipping off the media so that you could milk the subsequent airport feeding frenzy?

What drives her? And please tell me I'm not the only person that finds naked ambition ugly when the only thing between you and ambition's all too obvious bone structure (and pouting temperament) is a couple of pounds of silicon...

There. That feels better already. How cathartic a blog can be!


Anonymous said...

'ere me old china, I finks you saaaaaaand like you needs an 'oliday! ;-)

Alexander said...

Great minds think alike. If you see this morning's post, you'll see I came to the same conclusion!!!!


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