Saturday 21 July 2007

George Bush Colon Cancer Scare: Brilliant!

Do you understand what happened here? They removed polyps from his colon. That means the simian wee bastard had a rectally inserted laproscopy procedure. They gave him 48 hours’ worth of wickedly chemical laxatives that made him shit himself clear (literally), together with a 48 hour ‘no solids’ regime. Over the past two days, he’s eaten nothing but consomm√© and drunk nothing but water and apple juice. He’s had to take a number of evilly effective chemical laxative doses that had him speeding at absolutely no notice to the bog to void himself in an uncontrollable frenzy of shitting an increasingly watery and uncomfortable stream of warm gleet. And then they slapped a dose of pethedine into his withered veins (Christ, but I bet that reminded him of how a bottle of Jack felt) and slid a KY-smothered fibre optic 'scope into his puckered little Texan ass.

But that’s just the beginning...

Then they pumped air into his colon to inflate it so that the cameras can see around. It’s despicably uncomfortable, like someone released a high pressure airline into your gut. People who’ve done it without the happy juice have been known to scream with the pain of it all.

And then they excised lumps of his lower gut (videotaped – I can’t WAIT for the bootleg) with a hot wire loop so that he could shit it out in a stream of post-operative blood and KY jelly, like a pretty new resident of a Texan jail taking his first crap.

No wonder he handed over to Dick Cheney. Who wants the Free World to be in the hands of a drugged up psychopath who's lost control of his bowels and is taking a royally huge instrument up his ass?

Oh. Hang on. That's pretty much situation normal, isn't it? You'd almost wonder why they bothered calling Dick at all, wouldn't you?

This is something that people in the Arab World should be told about. It will bring them a little moment of joy.
Particularly the Iraqis...


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that you are knowing a mighty lot about rectal examination. Is there something that you are wanting to be sharing with us Alex?

Suburban said...

Brilliant, isn't it? We couldn't stop laughing about it yesterday.

Who-sane! said...


But it definitely brought me more than a moment of joy. Well played, Alex!

... said...

I'm hoping your vivid description is out of indignant outrage towards what happened to George W. Bush.

That must have been such a terrible experience and I'm horrified at what you've written here.

You have no right to make fun of a person's suffering just because you have a stereotypical misunderstanding of George W. Bush and the War on Terror. What did Bush do to you? Your views here parallels the violent extremism that causes terrorism.

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