Thursday, 26 July 2007

RTA Quote of The Year

No sooner had I finished posting up a grumpy slice of whingeing about Salik than the morning papers landed with their customary 'thud' and with them the news that the new Floating Bridge over Dubai creek was shut yesterday morning for hours, causing massive and widespread chaos and misery on the roads.


According to Dubai's RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), quoted by Gulf News: "The bridge was closed for about two hours as part of the contingency plan to conduct some technical experiments during the peak hours so as to ensure that the emergency system works effectively using the smart traffic systems."

This is the finest, rarest, premium quality doublespeak. Not even Sir Humphrey Applebey could ever have reached these heights. This obfuscatory blither is the result of the hard work of a truly brilliant team of communications professionals and I salute them all individually and collectively.

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EyeOnDubai said...

Agreed absolutely, nearly choked on my cornflakes!

But the question remains, why? Who are they so scared of that the RTA can't say "minor technical problem, closed for inspection" - we'd all believe it, and accept it as part of the teething problems of a new constrution. This god-awful piffle reeks of cover-up, and is but another nail in the coffin of the RTA's credibility.

What are they really trying to hide?

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