Friday, 3 August 2007

Let Us All Waft Favourable Gesture

Sherif, the leader in the fight against the yellow peril, shared another chucklesome email gem the other day: this time from a job seeker who emailed our man an unsolicited CV. I have to say, Sherif gets a more interesting inbox than I do - you may remember last week's classic contribution from his little inbox of horrors, the promotional email from an event management company that was little short of insane...

The covering email from this chap appears to have been more suited to an applicant for Director of the Brontë Society:

Respected Sir

With due deference and in all obeisance to your exalted organisation, I submit my C.V for your valuable scrutiny and estimation in respect of validity and appropriate merit of my application and your kind disposal in favour of me.

I expect with sanguinary hopes that your benign study of my application may waft favourable gesture and due consideration.

There are, I can assure you, poets out there who are crying tears of blood because they didn’t think of ‘waft favourable gesture’. So much genius, so little appreciation…


Anonymous said...

i have to confess i used around 3 times to help me read these two small paragraphs!

Gianni said...

OK, OK, seems like Babelfish on the loose, but I must admit that I don't think anyone ever hoped more intensely than someone who "sanguinary hopes".

Don't be afraid of showing emotions, you pussies !

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