Sunday, 5 August 2007

Search Me!

As many blogging folk will know, services such as the excellent SiteMeter track visits to one’s blog. One of the many interesting (and, many people find, scary) things SiteMeter does is track referrals – which page you came from to get here. So if you googled something and found this blog, I can backtrack and find out what you googled to get here. Having discovered this some time ago, I have got into the, slightly worrying I know, habit of taking a peek at how on earth people found this little backwater of the Web. And the results can be wildly amusing, odd and sometimes just downright unsettling.

I am very proud indeed to be able to tell you that if you google George Bush Colon, then this blog is the first result, thanks to this post. That amuses me in a huge way and I still occasionally remember the fact and break out into random chuckles, which I have noticed does rather tend to make other members of the general public behave slightly oddly towards me.

If you google Death to Modhesh, your first three links are also in this direction. And that tickles me, too – as does the fact that your first two search hits if you google yellow abomination are to this very place too!

Other first page Google search string results that point in the direction of Alexander’s silly blog include lolcats boiled (and no bad thing, either); Masafi (I know, it’s amazing isn’t it?); fake plastic chickens; public relations quotes (is that for real? That nobody else in the world has got anything better to say about public relations than the occasional fatuous reference in this - visited by a handful of people and highly marginal - little blog? Grief!), mimetics and, Fakhreddine Amman. Again, I’m slightly puzzled that such a great restaurant should be represented by idiot features here as the first thing you get when you search for it!

And now we pause for a moment of absolute insanity.

If you google ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’, the title of Pink Floyd’s 1987 first album after Roger Waters’ departure, the fourth search result in the Universe is… you guessed it… Fake Plastic Daftblog. The album went quadruple platinum, for gawd’s sake!

The one that worries me is the person that keeps searching for Russian girl face slash. I don’t know why, but that one just nags at me.

The things people google, eh? I suppose I should thank my lucky stars that anyone ever comes here, however inexplicable the road they took to arrive. So now you’re here, I do hope you enjoy your stay. Do wipe the hand basins and leave them as you’d wish others to find them – and don’t forget to close the door on your way out!

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Seabee said...

There are some hysterical questions put to google aren't there, and many very worrying ones too. More worrying, they're directed to our blogs!I track back most days to see what people are up to.
the other intersting thing I find with the Dubai blogs is the sheer volume of questions being asked of search engines about the place. Every day probably over half of my visitors are from a search engine, and most of them are based in Dubai anyway.
I also ramble on in another geographic blogosphere but get virtually no search engine visitors to it. I must think about the reasons for that, I'm sure there's an interesting story there.

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