Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Dubai Company Develops Horse Powered Cars

What if you could design a vehicle that was truly environmentally friendly and powered by, say, horses? Wouldn’t you want to share that invention with the world?

This is certainly the case with UAE company Fleet Horse, which has invented a new category of environmentally friendly vehicles powered by horses. You think I’m messing with you. No. Here’s a picture:

And here's the prototype:

And here’s some intro text from the site:

Greater and wealthy economies are those, witch are aimed to achieve the comfort and the growth of their people within the society. What make such economies, great and successful, is that, as well as concentrating on the actual growth, they also take in to consideration, the slightest damage to the environment. Naturmobile, in its own distinctive way, is designed to achieve both growths in economy and save the environment at the same time. The first and the most important factor that has been taken in to consideration, in building and designing this vehicle, is that, in no way, it has any threats what so ever to the environment.

This website is either the work of a comic genius or a lunatic. My money’s on comic genius, but you never know.

I give you the following short extract from the site’s FAQ:

Q: What is this Naturmobil?

A: This is a vehicle, just like any other vehicle, but with no engine, and in fact, is run by a horse.

Q: Does this vehicle perform like an Automobile?

A: The answer to this, would be, yes and no, by this we mean, where it concerns a very high performance in terms of speed, the answer, no is applied, because it is only designed to have a speed of 60-80km. and yes, we may say, because just like any other vehicle, it runs on wheels, has a chassis, body, clutch, gas pedal, break system and so on.

There is a great deal more where this comes from, including answers to critical questions such as ‘What if the horse refuses to walk?”.

Sent to me by old pal Roger, this website had me in hegs of helpless, snotty, tearing, sniveling laughter. I do hope it does the same for you. It’s here.

Do watch the video: it’s worth the short download…


Gianni said...

what about horse poop ?

Alexander said...

The answer's in the FAQ: it's carried on the conveyor to a bucket. Of course. :)

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