Tuesday, 9 October 2007

New Blog Gets Glittering Gala Launch

Last night saw the glittering gala dinner launch of new Dubai food blog, The Fat Expat at the Fairmont Hotel, Dubai. The red carpet was worn to shreds by the sheer weight of expensive leather that travelled up it as the paps snapped like the snarling gang of flash-happy jackals that they are and the greeting line’s arms and cheek muscles were aching, sore and in one case left in spasms with the sheer amount of celebrity meeting and greeting before the glamour of the evening kicked in.

OK, so I lied. Last night saw me and HMHB having a few drinks and wrangling over restaurants and chefs and things as well as lifting a glass to the new Blog. Thanks to 7Days, by the way!!!

Talking of new sites and snappers, do please dedicate a few minutes to going here. This is the new, fabby and generally phototabulous website of the highly talented Taline Jones (nee Tutunjian), also known as ‘T’ and ‘that girl over there just swore at me!’, depending on who you’re talking to at the time. T is a dear friend, ex-colleague and deeply talented photographer and anyone who’s got any sense will wire her thousands of pounds to have her on retainer right away.

Toasts all round, then!

1 comment:

Keefieboy said...

Congratulations - I'll be keeping an eye on it.

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