Monday, 1 October 2007

Salik Reprised

Pretty much every Dubai blog has posted loads of grumpy stuff about Salik, the glorious answer to Dubai traffic blues, this one being no exception. I've desisted for some time now, precisely because pretty much anything useful or interesting that could be said had been said.

But I couldn't resist this.

This is a photograph of the Garhoud Road just before you get to Wafi, taken during 'home time' this week. Don't worry, I wasn't taking a photograph whilst moving. The traffic had just started a jerk forwards for a few yards before it stopped again. The left hand lane was crawling in a start/stop action.

See? Salik IS working!!!


i*maginate said...
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i*maginate said...

hehe nice 1. I don't venture out to that part of town. Very rarely go south of the river. If I do, I take the option that floats my boat, aka the floating bridge.

Yeah loads have posted on Salik, I guess! I didn't on my blog, but I did "just at the right time" on the Comm blog.

Nowadays, the talk is about facebook,


And your post on it is the best ;)

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