Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Woops! Oktoberfest

Sitting in Dubai's lavish Grand Hyatt for a meeting with guests from Germany: a client and her account manager from our affiliate, European mega-agency Pleon. Everything was just peachy until they found the Hyatt's Oktoberfest promotion leaflet:

"Steins, Pretzels, Sausages and an authentic Oktoberfest band await you in the air-conditioned festival tent. Don your lederhosen, grab your Fraulein and get into the spirit of all things German... just make sure you take your towel and get there before the Germans do!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or die of embarrassment. Neither did they. So we all did both.


i*maginate said...

What a culturally insensitive ad, especially for a "multi-kulti" place like this!

Some people just wouldn't get it - but most importantly, it's just not the appropriate lingo to use on a promotional ad in a 5* Hotel!

Angootze said...

Vat iz wrong viz zis ad? I sink ve vil be victorious in ze adwertizing der Oktoberfest but for you ze var is over ja?

Hyatt - great sense of humour but they need to make sure they spread the love and take the mickey out of all their clientele.

Can't wait for Engerlaaaandfest. Ere we gow, ere we gow, ere we gow itz daaaaann to iZ fer a Ruby Murry or saaaam ov dem uvver gaffs fer saaaam ov thaaat forin muck, innit? :-)

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