Sunday, 20 January 2008

Turning The Air Blue

Here is the link to the Blue Communities website. UAE property developer Nakheel, the company that is building the three Palm Islands and the World and now, today's newspapers reveal, the Universe developments off Dubai's coast, is behind the initiative.

Go here. Please. Watch the videos. Listen to the vision for a smarter, more caring way to work on building sustainable, environmentally wise coastal communities. And then share the link with your friends so that they, too, can marvel at this wonderful effort. Please do feel free to leave a comment here if you were as impressed as I was at the timeliness, sincerity and creativity of this important move from the company that has so carefully rearranged so much coastline.

I have an idea for Nakheel's next project. They must be sitting around wondering what to do after they finish creating the Universe, after all. It's important, I think, to avoid any sense of anticlimax when you're following a move like that.

I think they should look at a new development built on a turtle's back. Probably held up by four elephants. That sounds, somehow, as if it might work...


Domster said...

Alarming as it may seem - I am impressed at the capability of the spin doctors to deliver such a cogent message - in a single bound we encouraged to think blue (note the inferred play on thinking green! nice) engaging experts (additional consultancy opportunities) and encouraged to work and do business together (deliver higher emissions, consume more e-numbers, contribute more to the engulfing Dubai SMOG (goodness did you see it over the last three days?)) and develop more dollars for the universal migration of the people into the sea.

I often muse on the bizarre situation that a country which has so much unused land should continually try to shift all of its consumers offshore. I guess this is only a reflection of a country which deposits most of its earnings offshore to secure their future against dubious local legalities and shapeless legal enforcement.

However - I digress, moving swiftly back, I am dangerously tempted by the offer to "sponsor a reef" but likely I will only pursue a drive to "taking real action" to depart these various maddening shores.

i*maginate said...

1)BLUE? Why not black, white, brown, yellow or even pink? Who wants to live in a place with "blue" in its address!

2)Building the universe is all well and good, but first build the country!

Anonymous said...

I salute this noble endeavour. I particularly hope to be able to attend a lecture on sustinability, hosted, say, on one of the dredgers building The Universe.

Keefieboy said...


i*maginate said...

I want 4 2 bost 4 ur above bost refz: Goockle.

There no commentz section to bost.

What broblemZ?

alexander said...

Sorry i*Magnit

I deleted da post cos gugle fixet the Arrabik problim an I culd get inglish again.

u only sore the post cos googol is laggy.

i no u spik arrabik good, but i no yoo du.

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i*maginate said...

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OkZ on seerious noteZ, I also had the arAbic probz but this finish fast.

thankZ good.


alexander said...

Ah! I thought it was jus bad spelling!

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i*maginate said... cracking up big-time re: the 'ana' in so ana I delete

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Be carefulz from thiz ejyptians, it BROBLEMZ!!!!!!!!

i*maginate said...

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