Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Day After Bush - Private Parts!!!

Emarat Al Youm today reprinted some of the SMS jokes that were flying around Dubai, the city that shut for George Bush's convenience, yesterday. One such SMS suggestion was that George should replace Matar Al Tayer, the head of Dubai's RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) as George at least managed to clear the roads for a day. Matar, obviously in very good humour, apparently replied to the paper "Why not? He's going to be out of a job soon!"

Which is lovely.

Meanwhile, French premier Sarkozy visited Qatar (which didn't clear the city for him) and was pictured by none other than yours and my favourite newspaper Gulf News as he held the hand of the Qatari Emir at the airport. A touching gesture except you'll notice that Sarkozy has grabbed the Emir's right hand with his own left hand: a cultural 'nono' that any newbie to the Arab World should be perfectly aware of.

And in totally unrelated news, apparently the RTA has banned the wearing of 'G-strings'. We are in possession (thank you, Sherif!) of a document, a facsimile of what would appear to be a leaked memo to RTA staff carrying the delicious instructions: "It is hereby prohibited to wear short clothing, bright colours, see-through dresses or tight jeans. It is also forbidden to wear what is known as G-strings as we also request that you refrain from touching your private parts in front of the RTA employees."

Outrageous and dated 20th September 2007. Must be a fake!

What a day of larks, Pip!


i*maginate said...

Acceleration = force / mass.

Surely lighter clothing would enable anyone driving a car to get to work faster.

Alexander said...

'G-force', babe...

Samer Marzouq said...

hahahahahahaha I liked the joke about the head of the RTA :D

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