Monday, 28 January 2008


The Emirates Internet has been doing a pretty passable impersonation of the last moments of Hal 9000 for the past couple of days. It's immensely frustrating.

I have a theory. You know how plants will move away from someone that's hurt them? (They will, I saw it on TV) I think it's all tied in with Bill Gates' visit to the UAE. I think the packets have been trying to avoid him.


i*maginate said...

Bill Push is who?

Sorry I not ansar 4 ur last bosts.

I seriously have broblam 4 my internets.

i*maginate said...

Ana, I know wot u tooking bout on my plog.

I know it.

Plzzzz don't lie it. It's apout "ana" I know it.

i*maginate said...

U internet not feelings well plzzz take it to doctor, than it cod feels better.

Blezzz. I askid you like frend.

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