Thursday, 7 February 2008


Remember the pointless promotional stone that computer company Acer sent to thousands of disinterested Gulf News readers way back at the beginning of summer last year? The one attached to the blob of ad-babble (‘Nature Shapes, Technology Creates. Individuality is yours alone to enjoy...’) that was rather pathetically promoting the Acer Gemstone laptop?

I had a desk clearout yesterday and found the blasted thing, lurking behind a pencil pot.

Obviously my bid to swap it for the moon รก la One Red Paperclip has not really worked very well as evidenced by the fact that I don’t own the moon and I still have a small, smooth and black stone with a flaw in it lurking on my desk at work.

As some may recall, I tried giving it away to colleagues but no-one would take it. And I can’t really just throw it away after all this time: I feel the need to get some sort of value out of it.

But what? What on earth can you do with a piece of promotional stone?


del said...

there's only 1 thing left to do. swap it for a more appealing stone of equal value and then let it clutter up your desk for another year and then swap again. hence starting the annual stone swapping fest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's where the guy on trial for trying to sell a "bulletproof" stone for a billion trillion Dhirhams got his. I suggest you swap it for his. You might need it. :-)

alexander said...

Gee. Is that my first online death threat?

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