Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Dials 800 well-known laundry company.

Ring ring. Ring ring... click...


“Hello. You have an upholstery cleaning service.”

“Horse trading?”


“Upper trade!”

“No upholstery. Up hols ter ee”

“Ah! No. This laundry.”

“I know that. You have a cleaning service for sofa. Furniture.”

“Ah! Sofa cleaning!”

“Yes. Sofa cleaning.”

“Yes. We have service. You have sofa?”


“OK. What your location?”


“Moon Plaza?”


“Ah! Muntaza. OK. You call my man this number. He come for quotation.”

(I take the number. As a point of interest, it’s given as the last seven digits only, thereby failing The Du Test)

“Thank you.”

“No problem. What your name?”


“Ali Zafer.”

“No, Alexander.”

“Ah, good! Alexander. OK. You call, he come.”

Given the way the first call had gone, I have to say I made the 'call to man' in full anticipation of the fellow failing to turn up when he said he would, if at all, getting hopelessly lost, needing to be talked in from somewhere north of Bandar Abbas and being unable to communicate in any United Nations recognised language when he did finally arrive in our elegant and bijou abode. I have had many years' experience of this very scenario and it is now my default expectation.

But he turned up bang on time, miraculously arriving at the house all by himself, was straightforward, serious, smart and professional, gave us a quote and arranged to come back and do the work at the time of our choosing.

Negative expectation met with a positive experience: a brand building (and therefore, incidentally, inestimably valuable for the company) thing that, like a rare brandy, is wonderful and deserves to be savoured at leisure.


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EyeOnDubai said...

FPS - you missed out only two things - the name of the Brand, and the phone number of its ambassador!


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