Sunday, 6 April 2008


Nothing to do with watches. I mean like colour swatch. I would like to propose a new colour for the world's paint makers. Dubai Beige.

Dubai beige is the colour of Emirates uniforms - of shopping malls, hotels, residences and logos. It is the colour of the taxis and souks, embassies and free zones. It is the colour of Arabian Ranches and Emirates Hills and Dare To Dream Villas and Falcon Heights or whatever else you're dreaming up to sell to the rubes flying in on EK001 to buy up a slice of Dubai Dream.

C5 M35 Y65. Dubai beige.


i*maginate said...

This is so hilarious! Well observed! But now next time I see this colour I'm going to burst out with laughter!

There's something about this shade that I've also kind of done a double-take on when I see it. For example there's a newish building on the road that Choithram in Satwa is on with the same shade...and a ghastly new building on the corner side of the Al Mallah road in Diyafah...same shade but a shiny version!


nzm said...

It's also the colour of all the rooms in the Emirates Palace Hotel. Never seen so much blandness in 5* hotel rooms in my life.

i*maginate said...

This bost he came in the Gulf News babers.

Alexander said...

Ana I shuft ziss Gulf Newsbeyber zey make for put in ze beyber. Bess, what to do, yanni?

i*maginate said...

Bas madry yakhi, I donno what he do. It meaniz u know haw writing good. U make barty!

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