Wednesday, 4 February 2009

30 Days

"Hi. Thanks for coming in to see us."
"Well, I was coming anyway. My Shiny's going dull again."
"That was actually the reason we asked to see you."
"Oh, cool. You're going to respray it again like last time it went dull?"
"Umm, no, not in so many words. We want it back."
"What do you mean, you want it back? No. It's mine. I bought it from you in the first place."
"Yes, but we want it back. You have to leave now and we want the Shiny back."
"But I don't want to leave. I invested everything I have here when you sold me the Shiny."
"That's the rules. What can we do?"
"But you said the Shiny would be a dream for life. That it was my gateway to new possibilities. You said I could relax in an iconic oasis of calm and dare to believe in my prosperous future. You said that I could dream a dream of dreamy dreams!"
"That was before the credit crisis. Now we all have to face economic realities."
"You said the Shiny would be mine forever!"
"We didn't. It's here in the small print, under redundancy. See?"
"But you didn't tell me that."
"We did. It's your memory at fault, that's what it is. Unless you've got something in writing?"
"No, of course not. Nobody even thought about redundancy when you sold me the Shiny."
"Well, we don't like to lecture, but perhaps you'd be better off by planning for the future rather than wandering around with your head in the clouds dreaming."
"What am I going to do now?"
"To be honest, that's not really our problem. We only work within the law."
"What law?"
"Our law."
"You're making it up as you go along."
"Right. That's enough. You're having a negative impact on the economy now. Give it back and toddle off, there's a good chap."
"I'll go to the newspapers."
"Jolly good idea. That'll give you something to pack with. Don't forget to leave the car at the airport."


Dave said...

Nothing lasts forever.... even shiny.....

Qatar Cat said...

This is even better than Shiny Chapter I!!

rosh said...

Ah! (on a personal note), there in lies, why many like I, remain pretty much lost & confused in life. We've been living with the constant changes, lack of anything stable and false perceptions, shoved our way, since birth.

UAE is a nice place, however, it's still a village/tribe mentality - never be fooled by anything *shiny* or a promise of stability in the long haul, it's bound to be taken away.

Apologies on the somber comment.. :)

The Spear said...

Lol! Brilliant.

Keefieboy said...

Had a Shiny, once. Didn't like it much. Got a Cultural, now; much better.

nzm said...


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