Friday, 3 February 2012

Must Use Bigger Elephants

I'm over in Australia today rabbiting away about my remarkable tally of rejections from the British publishing industry on Ozzie Sci-Fi writer Patty Jansen's brilliantly titled blog, Must Use Bigger Elephants.

It's all part of Patty's 'Blog Tour', a brilliant scheme writers have evolved to share space on each others' blogs and therefore give each other access to their readers for a day. I've guest posted on a number of other writers' blogs (and gladly hosted them on this one), mostly because of the international community of writers I've stayed in touch with since we all met on Harper Collins' Authonomy website.  Few us still visit Authonomy, but a great number of us still stay in touch.

It's interesting, Authonomy could well turn out to have had a demonstrably important and wide-ranging effect on writing and fiction that was completely unintended by its founders. And one not entirely in their interests, as many of us have thrown up our hands at the publishing industry and gone it alone. Tools like blog tours give writers access to global audiences as well as giving readers access to new writers. And of course self-publishing means you can reach global audiences far more easily than all the printing, shipping, distributing and stocking involve in 'traditional' publishing.

So do please be my guest and pop over to MUBE and have a root around and perhaps, if you're into science fiction, take a look at Patty's work. Don't forget to behave well while you're there and wipe your feet before going in...
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Anonymous said...

Authonomy is now "important" because it has made geniuses like yourself realize the only way they are going to get published is by self-publishing.


Best of luck with your book.

Sara said...

Louis CK (currently my favorite comedian) made his latest stand up available for download exclusively through his website using paypal. No middlemen, no distributors nothing.

He's made millions! When he started everyone told him he'd get nowhere without the clout of corporations each taking substantial cuts. The publishing (of anything) industries have changed. Several bands and singers have been doing similar things as well and have no regretted it, though of course their existing following is a huge factor to their success. But I think people are responding to this type of sales model more and more.

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