Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Displaced Nation

Just in case you could care less, I was interviewed recently by US-based expat blog The Displaced Nation and they posted it today. A wide-ranging chat, we talk about how I got to the Middle East, books, wine, literary controversy and stuff.

In one of those odd little marvels of serendipity that is the Internet-driven process known as 'discovery', Displaced Nation's ML Awanohara was trawling the Interwebs looking for expat food stuff and stubbed her toe on dead food blog The Fat Expat. That led her to my books and a quick read later she was hot on the interview trail.

Unlike many writer friends who have an abhorrence for the evils of publicity, I enjoy interviews. They often focus on my favourite subject. Me. I must check with my agent and see if that seems immodest. I'm sure it's fine...
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing "me" immodesty raised to the n power as n goes to infinity. But sure it's fine. :P

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