Friday, 27 September 2013

Book Post - Finishing Shemlan

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I finished writing Shemlan - A Deadly Tragedy back in March. Today I finished work on the book.

Once it was written, it got sent out to a bunch of 'beta readers', basically people who represent a good cross-section of book readers and whose opinions - for better or worse - I value. Some give some broad brush feedback, much what you'd expect from a casual reader commenting, others go into considerable depth, questioning word choices, structure, character motivations and so on. The result is a hard edit or two, often requiring a scene added or redone here and there.

Once all that was done, I sent the book out to my agent to see what his reaction would be. That resulted in me ending my relationship with him, but by this time we're at the end of June - one of my issues here is it took my own agent three months to get around to looking at the MS. I blew another month sending to another couple of agents and it wasn't until early August I got the MS off to editorial consultancy Bubblecow. Early September saw them return the edits with some notes on structure that have resulted in some reasonably large changes to the manuscript. It's taken until today to put those into action.

Writing a book is just like building a house. And sometimes you just have to knock down rooms and rebuild them - and then clear up after you.

The good news is that I've found my cover image and it is, IMHO, the mustard. That search alone has taken months.

Anyway, the end of the tunnel's in sight. Now there are just another round of beta reads and another edit - then I can start formatting the ebook. If we're lucky we'll make October.

And you thought online publishing moved at the speed of light!!!
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