Thursday, 10 October 2013

Book Post - Something For The Weekend

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This is just a note, really, not a post as such. So please don't feel cheated or anything.

It's for those of you what has read Olives - A Violent Romance or Beirut - An Explosive Thriller and not got around to reviewing them on or

I wonder if I could prevail upon you to do so this weekend? A sort of thing to add to your things to do list. It needn't be a very big thing, but I would truly appreciate your candid assessment - there's no need to sugar coat it or anything, a review is a review. I won't hate you if you didn't like one of my books. Honestly. I've linked the versions in the titles above.

But reviews - particularly for Beirut, which didn't get the promotional whirlwind Olives did (basically because I was exhausted by then) - are really an important part of how people buy books these days. And I could do with a few more.

If you've already read and reviewed them, please take no action but accept my thanks. This post will self-explode in a short time.

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