Thursday, 6 February 2014

Book Post: McNabb's Law Of Clicks

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McNabb's Law of Clicks applies principally to book promotion, but I find it extends equally well to other areas of Internet based activity that require an action.

When I say an action, I mean a real world interaction or transaction of some shape and form. For instance, paying someone some money to buy a thing or perhaps giving someone some money for a cause. It doesn't have to be monetary but it must be a transaction involving some degree of real world effort that goes beyond a 'like' or a 'share'. You know, getting people to actually DO something. Get up and move around. Change a physical thing. Anything beyond an RT and 'Yay for this'.

So here it is. McNabb's Law of Clicks:

100,000 impressions 
= 1,000 clicks 
= 100 opens 
= 1 sale

I have been testing it these past three years with book promotions of various shapes, forms and sizes, also by tracking reviews (online or in traditional media) and clicks through the blog, Twitter, Facebook and the book websites for Olives - A Violent Romance, Beirut - An Explosive Thriller and Shemlan: A Deadly Tragedy

I now feel I can go public with the research. It's not peer-reviewed but hell, I'll live.

The very inexactitude of the science proves its applicability to our real and so very fractal world. Or in other words, sure, you go ahead and disprove it. Fill yer boots...
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